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Immediacy Emarketing

Sending Customers Directly To Your Door

Google, Yahoo!, and Bing are all currently delivering local results to searchers, destroying traditional print Yellow Pages and, in 99% of cases, out performing their usage as the preferred method for discovering local businesses and local info.

Google began showing local results for generic queries, meaning that prospects no longer need to include any city or geographic terms in their search to be shown results that are local to them.

Where are you showing up, are you even showing up for searches in your town or city?

Immediacy Emarketing puts your business on the map for local searchers. Placing you directly in front of hot prospects searching near you. Coupled with Aggregation Emarketing and Correspondence Emarketing, your local lead generation can be on complete autopilot, delivering highly qualified leads directly to your business.

That’s where we come in. Torra Media are specialists in Immediacy Emarketing. Giving your business the local exposure it deserves online.

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If you’re serious about generating high quality links, you need to be very systematic with how you create and promote your content.

Brian Dean

66% over the age of 15 made a purchase because of an email? If you aren’t using email marketing, you’re missing out on a lot of potential revenue.

Neil Patel

Outreach. It’s arguably the most important part of the link building process. Without links, your content is very unlikely to rank.

Rand Fishkin